People Power vs The Lobbyists

One of our opponents in the general election, Talmadge Branch (Dem.) is the House Majority Whip. His role in the leadership team is to make all the Democratic delegates fall in line with the Annapolis bosses and their deep-pocketed corporate donors.

Because of this, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, a grassroots Baltimore think tank, gave Delegate Branch a D grade for racial justice in their 2018 Legislative report card
In 2018, according to filed campaign finance reports, he has raised $34,600 from 84 donors. 15 of those donors are individuals; they contributed a total of $4,575. Most of those 15 are lobbyists, CEO's, and politicians. Their average donation to Delegate Branch is $305. 
Our campaign only takes money from individuals and has over 80 individual donors in 2018. By July 15th we want to add 30 new individual donors-- in 10 days doubling the number that Delegate Branch has all year. Regular people, not lobbyists, CEO's, and other politicians should decide what our representatives care about. 

Help us send a powerful message to the Annapolis bosses that people are more important than profit and power. 

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