Remember November

It’s a Baltimore tradition to say that the primary election is the only election that matters, even though the general election is in November.  The political establishment loves it when people say this because then they don’t have to worry about voters having real choices to challenge them.  We believe that in a true democracy, the people should take advantage of every chance they have to pick their leaders from as many options as they like. Why have the right to vote and not use it?    

I will be on the ballot this November, along with Glenn Ross, representing the Green Party, a grassroots political party whose goal it is to bring real, community-driven change to our democracy.  Coming out to vote in the general election is the first step in making all of our elections matter and shaking up the broken political system which has relied on non-participation for far too long. We hope that between now and then we will earn your vote.


  • June 26th was the Primary Election, when members of the Democratic and Republican parties picked their candidates for the General Election.
  • The final day to register before the general election is October 21st
  • Early Voting runs October 25th-November 1st
  • November 6th is the General Election, when the people of Maryland finally choose their elected leaders.
  • As members of the Green Party, Glenn Ross and Andy Ellis only appear on the General Election ballot in November .


The General Election is open to all registered voters, who can vote for anybody they want, no matter what their party affiliation. So exercise your right to vote and choose Glenn Ross and Andy Ellis.