Why I am Running

I believe that state level lawmaking and politics are absolutely essential to the health, safety, and success of Baltimore.

Unfortunately I think right now our state government in Annapolis is an obstacle to progress.Mostly it is a means of protecting the power of elected leaders and the profit of their corporate donors, not an agent for real racial, economic, and environmental justice.

To make Annapolis  advance the values of social justice, grassroots democracy, non-violence, and ecological wisdom I will:

  • Fix our broken election system
  • work with new coalitions in Baltimore and across the state
  • Take my solutions from people instead of Annapolis bosses
  • Put human rights above corporate rights

To achieve these goals will require a grassroots effort that builds political power independent of the Democrats and Republicans, it won't be easy, but it is work we must do, and with your help I am ready to do it.